Dear future Steiner Kindergarten teacher, dear future colleagues,

With joy in our hearts we would like to let you know that the Steiner Waldorf- Early Childhood Teacher Training has been finalised and that the course will start in early 2022 in the Kilkenny Steiner School, Callan, Co. Kilkenny. If you feel a calling to work in a Steiner Kindergarten, this might be your opportunity to learn and grow with and for the young children and to refine your gifts into teaching skills in a practical way.

The first module will take place from Saturday 22nd  to Sunday 23rd January and will go ahead on that date subject to prior registration of the required number of participants.

This 2 year course has been designed to follow on from the foundation year in Anthroposophy. Participants must have completed the foundation course.

 “To be a practical human being one must understand life truly.”

                                                                                Rudolf Steiner

Overview of course content of the two years:

  • Joy and challenges of being an early childhood teacher
  • Child development; therapeutic approach; transition to school
  • Child observation and study of phenomenon of growing and developing
  • Role of imitation and play in its different forms
  • Development of the will, movement, language and thinking
  • Health and nutrition and purposeful work with domestic arts
  • Rhythms in life
  • Indoors and outdoors activities for children
  • Music and mood of the fifth with rhythmic games, movement and gesture
  • Working with mixed age groups
  • Working and engaging with nature
  • Eurythmy
  • Sculpting, clay work, felting,
  • Handwork and crafts- making of toys
  • Plant dyeing, working with natural materials 
  • Practical and social aspects of working in a community

In the first year, training will comprise of 10 weekend modules and one six day module in July 2022 held in the Kilkenny Steiner School in Callan, Co.Kilkenny.

We intend to have live sessions but if restrictions apply we will offer online and hybrid sessions.

The weekends will vary between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Dates for 2022:

  • 22nd -23rd Jan
  • 25th-27th Feb
  • 25th-27th March
  • 22nd– 24th April
  • 27th– 29th May
  • 24th– 26th June
  • 4th–  9th  July week 
  • 23rd-25th September 
  • 21st-23rd October
  • 18th-20th November
  •  9th– 11th December

If you have any queries please contact Ulrike Farnleitner or Niamh Ruiseal with title: Early Years Training through our contact form.

Please note: Candidate interested in obtaining Steiner/Waldorf ECE qualifications must complete a Foundation Year or equivalent.

To find out more about our courses, please go to section The Course.