An Introduction to Eurythmy

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce a new course for the coming year.  It is an introduction to Eurythmy and will also offer a number of other artistic subjects including Music, Painting, Speech, and Singing.
The course will take place in Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny, on the first Sunday of each month for six months, and will run from 10 a.m. till 4.30pm.
These are the dates: March 6th , April 3rd , May 1st , June 5th , July 3rd , September 4th .
The cost for the whole course is 300 euro (also payable in two instalments) with an early bird reduction for those applying before 25th  February.  There are concessions for those on jobseekers an other benefits.

Faculty for Eurythmy

Roxanne Leonard; Astrid Siehl; Anne Todman; Maria Luisa Zahonero; Tony Whittle

Faculty for Artistic subjects

Daniel Grcevic; John Clarke; Pete Aldridge; Pauline Reynolds

If you are interested to take part or need more information please contact Tony Whittle either by phone or email
Mobile 087 054 2697    Email:

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