Ulrike Farnleitner, Soulscape founder, mentor. Ulrike holds an MA in Early Years Education and is a Steiner/Waldorf Early Years practitioner and mentor to Waldorf kindergartens with many years’ experience. She has previously run the Orientation Course and the Steiner Kindergarten Teacher Training Course. Ulrike’s education and experience helps her to bridge the academic world views with the creative innovative teachings of Rudolf Steiner’s Educational Approach connected to Anthroposophy. Her hope is that Anthroposophy and Steiner/Waldorf education may contribute to the evolution of the “whole,” such as family, community, nation, and humankind.

Martin Henry, Soulscape founder, mentor. Martin spent many years living and working in a Camphill Community and as a Steiner Teacher. He has been interested in Anthroposophy since he first met it at the age of 18. He has been much involved in adult education and has lectured on various anthroposophical subjects over the past 20 years. He is a council member of Anthroposophical Society in Ireland.

Niamh Ruiseal, Early Childhood mentor, Kindergarten Teacher

Gale Pullen, mentor, Steiner Primary School Teacher

Tony Whittle, eurythmist