“Understanding the World, Understanding Ourselves”          

New course starting in the beginning of 2022

 A One Year Orientation Course in Anthroposophy

This course aims to provide a foundational, but immersive introduction, to many aspects of Anthroposophy, the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, on which Waldorf / Steiner education, Biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine and Eurythmy are based.

This course is offered as a broad introduction to Anthroposophy for anyone who is interested, and is a foundation year for anyone planning to do further anthroposophical studies, e.g. Steiner/Waldorf kindergarten teacher training, teacher training etc. It is very suitable for existing teachers, parents, assistants or administrators in a Steiner Waldorf setting, who are interested in deepening their understanding of the background of the work. It also presents an opportunity for anyone to refresh their knowledge. 

A similar course was run for a number of years under the aegis of ISKA (now Bláthú), the Association for Steiner Early Childhood Education in Ireland, by the present course leaders. 

The course will comprise of 9 monthly weekend sessions, running from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. It is intended to alternate between venues in Kildare and Kilkenny to facilitate travel. 

The course aims to educate, to nourish and to inspire all those who join. It is hoped that the horizons of all will be broadened and that real inner growth will be cultivated. Each weekend will weave together academic, artistic, practical and group learning techniques and challenge participants to new learning. Each weekend will take up one dimension of Anthroposophy and explore that in some detail. There will be a number of running themes through the course such as self-development, the life and learning processes, the realm of the 12 senses, the phases of biographic development. There will also be many social, artistic and craft activities accompanying the course.


The curriculum will include the following themes;

  • “The Life and work of Rudolf Steiner as a Gateway to Anthroposophy”
  • “Understanding the Human Being”
  • “The Evolution of Consciousness”
  • “The Festival Year”
  • “Anthroposophy and Religion” 
  • “Head, Heart and Hands, exploring human three-foldness”
  • “What is Waldorf Education?”  
  • “Life, Death and Destiny”; 
  • “Technology and the Human Being”;

Cost and Dates

The cost of the Course will be 1650 euro. Early Bird discounted price of 1500 euro to those who pay in full before the course begins.

 The course will be held on the following dates:

2022 – NEW COURSE – Starting beginning of 2022:

The course will take place over the following weekends:


Contact us at thesteiner.training@gmail.com for more details.